About School


Established in 1996 with a motive to imbibe Indian traditions, combining our heritage and culture along with the modern world teaching in order to enable student to develop their skill and become enlightened and laudable citizens of modern India.
The School is equipped with all modern amenities and top class faculties in order to provide the community with best possible educational facilities, adding new dimensions in all the areas of teaching and learning.
The institution thus emphasizes and facilitates the development of a well-integrated and balanced personality...

Today's thought


“When it comes to luck, you make your own.”

Our Founder

Sir Padampat Singhania’s life, like that of any other mortal, was shaped by circumstances. In retrospect, however it is easy to understand the pattern of his life with its rich variety and multiple links and relationships.
On 3rd February 1905, a leading merchant family of the old town of Kanpur was blessed with their first male child. The child’s parents Kamlapat and Ram Pyari, named him Padampat...

Awards & Achievements